1-The minimum HP on the tractor to operate the equipment?

The minimum HP on the tractor is 65HP and 40 HP on the PTO shaft

2-The operational temperature at the heated air exits?

The temperature must  be in range between 80°C and 100°C

3-Can be the area protected increased using higher temperature at the exits?

No, because increasing the area protected will take longer to complete the circuit and will go over the recommended time to do the circuit, 10 to 11 minutes.

4-The useful life for the equipment?

The older machines have been working for 16 years without any structural problem, we believe they will last for at least 20 years.

5-What happens if the gas tanks are empty during operation?

We recommend verify the LPG in the tanks weighing in a weighing scale, you will know how many Kg. are available  and how long they will operate, then you will be prepared to change tanks during operation which take about 6 minutes.

The gas consumption is about 30 to 35 kg per hour. With this information you can calculate how long you can operate

6-Which is the recommended temperature to start operating

We recommend start working at an ambient temperaturebetween 1ºC and 2ºC as a way to be sure the crops will not suffer any damage

7-Can I protect two different species at the same time? For instance 5Ha of peaches and 5 Ha of plums?

Certainly yes and this is one of the biggest advantages of the method, the mobility.

8-Which kind of thermometer is recomended to measure temperatures during frost?

We recommend pulp thermometers, used to measure temperatures to the fruits in cold stores, they are very accurate









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