LAZO FCM is the result of years of investigation in physics and fluids oriented by professors of prestigious universities from Chile and other countries with the collaboration of the State agency Corfo

LAZO FCM equipment works attached at the hydraulic system of the tractor and to the PTO shaft working at 450 to 500rpm. Uses 4 cylinders 45kg each of LPG gas as fuel, which gives an operational time of approximately 5 hours.
The equipment works suctioning the cold air at the soil level, heating it, and throwing two streams of heated air at a temperature of approximately 80ºC to 100ºC and at a speed of 220 km x hour perpendicular to the tractor direction. In this way the ambient temperature is maintained and it forms a layer of warmer air below the inversion layer. 


The advantages of this method, can be used in different crops during the year because it is movable
Another advantage is it control radiation frost and advective freeze or polar frost, which makes the method the most efficient for frost control and without colateral effect.

The operational cost of the equipment is a big advantage to, because one machine can protect 10Ha. The cost is approximately USD$5,00 per hour of operation, per Ha. This is an additional advantage, it is well known that temperaturas close to 0ºC in certain stages of the plants, like blossom, causes abortion of the fruits and malformations.

With the machine we have a tool to manage temperatures at a reasonable cost.
The low operational cost allow us to manage temperatures at a reasonable cost in sensible stage of the plants, like blossoming, temperatures near 1°C causes abortion and fruits malformations. These aspects are well known, but we didn’t have a tool to manage temperatures at a reasonable cost, with the machine we have a very efficient one.




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