The equipment goal is to maintain the fruit orchards temperature at a level which will not damage the production

This is the reason  to start working at the desire temperature to maintain, normally of 2ºC, in this way the trees will not experience the bad effects of low temperatures

The equipment is designed to protect between 8 to 10 ha

To accomplish this, is necessary to create  a circuit in the orchard in which the equipment will work, taking care of roads and bridges

The tractor must work continuously in the circuit passing by the same point each 10 minutes

The temperature at the exits of the machine must be between 80ºC to 100ºC. At this temperature the machine will be more efficient, regarding LPG consumption and temperatures on the field protected. The temperature is regulated by a valve.

In this way the equipment will be able to insert a layer of warmer air at the soil level, preventing freeze in the buds and young fruits.

Operation of oil burner equipment

The frost control machine works for all crops, Kiwis, table grapes, potatoes in early season in Mexico , I use them in my orchards in walnuts, cherries and wine grapes. Then you do not need different types of machine.

There is a very important improvement in the machine, two years ago I started trying in my vineyards a machine with diesel burner, instead of the LPG burner, it is around 30% less expensive to operate compared with the LPG and much simpler,

no cylinders frozen etc. you don’t need to store the LPG gas bottles. You just fill the petroleum tank which gives you 6 hours for operation, if you need more is very simple to refill. The big improvement is the burner, without fuel pump,

petroleum fall by gravity to the burner and is vaporized by high temperature, the combustion is almost perfect. And will never fail, something which cannot happen during a frost, in one night we lose the work of a year

The machine is pulled by a tractor attached at the hydraulic system and the diesel version is 100kg less weight than the LPG model, this is other advantage; the machine is not mounted over wheels, which can also fail during the frost. I enclose photos.

One machine control 10 Ha. The prize of the machine is US$8.000 FOB Valparaiso, Chile, transit time 30 days and freight is not expensive. Payment is done by transfer to my account once I send you the documents for customs.





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