Forget about frosts! Over 20 years protecting the crops of Chile and the World

Who we are

Lazo was founded in 1992 with the objective of controlling the phenomenon of frosts in Chile’s farms.

Born in 1991 when its founder, Florencio Lazo, farmer from the VI Region, suffered a total loss of fresh fruit production, mainly table grapes and plums, due to frost.

Today, the company produces and exports frost control equipment for Chile and the world with distributors in various countries from America to Europe, Africa and Oceanía.


Frost Dragon...Bad weather, good harvest!

Frosts are a problem for farmers all over the world.

Our technology, Lazo Frost Dragon, controls radial and polar frosts thanks to a mobile system coupled with a hydraulic lifting agricultural tractor.

The surface area that can be controlled by our equipment ranges from 8 to 10 hectares accounting to our experience, our clients and studies by universities throughout Chile and the world. 


Our equipment can be easily transported from one orchard or field to another given its size and design allowing for frost control of different crops throughout the season.

Compared to other systems of frost control our equipment represents a cost effective alternative in operations as well as investment.  

Scientific validation

frost dragon

Other Products

Our commitment to improve agricultural conditions compelled us to develop other products that solve the problems common to the farmers of the world.

  • Rain blower for preventing cracks in cherries.
  • Flamers for weed control authorized for organic production

Markets: Technology protecting the crops of the world

In Chile our equipment fights frosts from Copiapó to Coyhaique with excellent results in grapes, avocados, stone fruits, tomato plants, blueberries, potatoes, ets. We are experts in agricultural matters. Our Chilean made technology is capable of protecting any crop from frosts. This has allowed us to expand our borders with our machines present in different farms around the world. Today we export to 20 countries on 5 continents.


If you would like to learn more about our products give us a call or send an email.

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